Symposium ThermoElect21. New concepts in organic/hybrid thermoelectrics

  • Date: 18/10/2021 16:01 - 22/10/2021 16:04
  • Location Online Event

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Description of topical focus

Organic semiconductors have the potential to produce low-cost thermoelectric materials that can easily be processed into thin films with mechanical properties that are amenable to wearables and waste heat capture in consumer products. As yet, the thermopower of n- and p-type doped organic semiconductors is too low for commercialization and lower than that of inorganic semiconductors. Organic thermoelectrics has seen a surge in research interest in recent years and the progress in terms of performance has been encouraging. This progress has sparked the interest from a wide range of disciplines.

This symposium invites contributions from chemistry, physics, materials science, and related disciplines to advance the field of organic thermoelectrics. Contributions that address aspects of engineering and processing are also explicitly welcomed.

Prof. Dr. L.J.A. (Jan Anton) Koster
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials
University of Groningen
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