HORATES is based on 4 scientific Work Packages (WPs), whose relationship and participants are shown in the schematic below. 

WP1: Materials Synthesis ESR2(UHEI), ESR5(CTH), ESR8(LIU), ESR11(TUC)

The task of WP1 is the design, synthesis and upscaling of ambient stable p- and n-type organic thermoelectric materials and the provision of sufficiently large quantities to the consortium.

WP2: Processing, Doping and Characterization ESR2(UHEI), ESR4(CTH), ESR6(CSIC), ESR8(LIU), ESR10(RUG), ESR11(TUC), ESR12(CNRS), ESR14(HOTDISK)

This WP aims at providing ESRs with a broad materials processing and characterization toolkit.

WP3: Theory and Modeling ESR1(UHEI), ESR7(CSIC), ESR9(LIU), ESR10(RUG)

In many fields of physics, chemistry and material research, computational modelling has become a standard tool to provide essential insight in time and lengths scales that are experimentally inaccessible.

WP4: TEGs design and fabrication towards upscaled manufacturing ESR3(IIT), ESR6(CSIC), ESR8(LIU), ESR13(iL), ESR15(EURECAT)

 This WP fulfills the technological goals of the proposed ITN. The final aim is the fabrication of efficient and stable TEGs by scalable and low-temperature processes, generating a final power density exceeding 1 µW/cmfor as low as possible temperature differences.